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Custom Software Development – Your ideas, my work. I develop business automation solutions including Microsoft Windows Forms applcations and Automated Web Sites.

I am a programmer’s consultant. The guy programmers come to when they run into problems. Located in the United States and speak English as my primary language. Working in the computer industry since 1977 developing solutions for a wide range of companies. Current I work for a large outsourcing corporation where they sell my skills to Corporate America. I am well versed in many of today’s technologies including Cloud Computing, SOA (Service Oriented Architectures), Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server Database, Oracle RDBMS, PHP, Perl, mySQL, and classic ASP.

I am looking for side jobs to stay busy. Please call me at 702-451-1577 and tell me what I can do to help your business.
CRVKey - A standalone Windows Application that provides an automated solution enabling the distribution of secure data on a CD that is unlockable by the customer.

Active Web Hosting - Complete CRM System for a web hosting company with thousands of customers. - SOA and Web Services web site for the hosting of cloud services functions.
Windows Forms Applications

.net - - C#
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Web Site Development - ASP Classic - PHP - Perl
IIS - Apache Web Server
Database Development
SQL Server - MySQL - Oracle

Automating Business Processes to drive efficiency